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We work with and have contact with some of the premier talent accross the country.  You may know some of the talent, but be assured we only work with the best!  We have the talent you want.  We do our best to work with every budget.  Look at the different types of talent we have access to.  Be sure to ask us if you are looking for something or someone in particular.  We will get back to you with an answer.


If you are looking to host a concert, we can assist you in every aspect of the event.  We can handle the venue, artist, and marketing.  We work with any and every budget.  Whether you are a nightclub, charity, corporation, or individual we want to work with you.  Do not hesitate to Email Us with any questions.

* Singers

* Bands

* Orchestras

* Instrumentalists

* National Headliners

* International Headliners

* Bandas

* Trios

* Mariachis

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